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Purchasing Original Art


If you are interested in purchasing original art shown on this web site, please click contact the artist to inquire about specific prices. Prices range from $100 – $2800, with most works between $250 and $750. Prices are based upon size, medium, and complexity of the work.

The purchasing of original art does not confer reproduction rights unless paid for by a separate licensing agreement. Whether a fine art piece or an illustration, ownership of an original does not give the owner the right to reproduce the art. In almost all cases, reproduction rights are retained by the artist even after the artwork itself is sold. Many of the works on this web site have been sold to collectors all over the world, but continue to be published in a variety of venues.

Artwork is carefully packaged and if it is a work on paper, it is usually shipped matted but unframed. Painting on canvas are shipped unframed unless otherwise specified.

Payments may be made on an installment basis, but the original will not be shipped until final payment is complete. Please contact the artist to arrange for this option.

Posters of many works on this website are available in the store.


Original prints are not the same thing as posters or reproductions (often referred to as "prints"). Original prints on this web site include linoleum block prints and monoprints. All are created on a hand-operated cast iron press using a plate that has been carved or created by the artist, with hand-rolled or hand-applied inks. These are original works of art, not reproductions.

Many original prints are difficult to distinguish from paintings. They can be created as multiples, in numbered groups usually called editions. Durga creates only very small editions of her linoleum blocks (usually 12 or less), and signs most of them as "artist's proof" (A/P). Some of these prints are "hand-colored" (applying of color as enhancement), or "hand-painted" (extensive painting on the print).

A linoleum block print is carved and printed from a sheet of special linoleum, using wood carving chisels or linoleum carving tools. Ink is applied with a roller and the plate is passed through a crank-operated cast iron press. A variety of effects can be achieved by rolling the ink in different ways and changing the pressure of the press. A reductive print involves successive stages of carving which permanently alter or "reduce" the plate after each color is printed, so that no more prints can be made once the plate is done being carved, usually resulting in fewer—and more valuable—originals. Monoprint, as its name suggests, is printed only once from an uncarved or impermanent plate. It is a "printed painting."

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