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Licensing & Commissions

Most of the images on this web site are available to be licensed. Licensing a piece of existing art or an original illustration means purchasing the right to reproduce the art.

Licensing fees are determined by intended usage, complexity of the art, urgency of deadline, etc. Normally, rights granted in a licensing agreement are one-time reproduction rights. The agreement is typically limited to a specific use, and unless purchased by a separate fee, all reproduction rights, as well as the original art, are retained by the artist. Extended usage, such as for a website or permanent logo, commands a higher licensing fee.

Commissioned art - work that is created for a specific purpose - is also priced according to usage. Reproduction rights are negotiated and transferred in the same manner as licensing existing art. A good collaboration between client and artist can result in unique and rewarding work. Artwork may be commissioned in black & white, gray tones, or full color; for reproduction (illustration, logos, promotional art) or personal use (portraits, gifts, fine art furnishings, etc). Many of the works throughout this website are commissioned art.

Durga's practices and prices for licensing and commissions are based upon the Graphic Artists' Guild's Pricing & Ethical Guidelines. If you are interested in licensing an existing piece, or commissioning an original work of art for a specific use, please contact Durga directly for pricing and information.

To learn more about copyright and reproduction rights, please visit whatiscopyright.org or The Graphic Artists' Guild's page on Copyright Myths.

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