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Spring & Fall

Two days ago I saw a newborn spotted fawn walking for the first time, following its mother on tottering legs.  The two deer reminded me of this illustration I did fifteen years ago – with mother’s head up and wary of my human presence, and baby’s nose in the grass.  This is the opening spread of Earth, Sky, Wet, Dry, a simple book of rhyming nature opposites, all within the world of a single pear tree.  As with many of my concept books, the back matter is more advanced, serving as an illustrated field guide to all the plants and animals shown throughout the book.  Published in 2000 by Orchard Books, this unique concept book lacked plot and character, and quickly went out of print (but you can still get used copies on Amazon).

Yet I enjoyed creating this book very much.  It was, and is, the only book I’ve ever done almost exclusively by way of hands-on research.  I was living in Dutchess County, NY, at the time, and had recently finished illustrating A Ride on Mother’s Back – a multicultural compendium of baby-carrying practices around the world.  After doing so much library research (this is pre-internet, folks) and conjuring so many foreign scenes and people, I was happy to paint landscapes I could see from my window and creatures that hopped, flitted, and flew all around us as my kids and I walked down the long dirt driveway to and from the schoolbus stop.

Kids like counting the signs of spring and fall in this illustration.  The book has served as an excellent example of visual communication when teaching illustration to children.  And nature opposites, thank goodness, are still around – despite the internet.

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