Rebirth Our Earth

Rebirth Our Earth low res© Durga Yael Bernhard

This Thursday, April 22nd, marks the 46th annual “Earth Day“.  It’s hard to believe so much time has passed since this “holiday” was first instituted in 1970.  Never has the cause been more urgent, as we are facing potentially cataclysmic changes in our environment today.

I don’t normally put words on my images, but on this one, it makes sense.  I was originally commissioned to paint this illustration as a religious image, symbolic of the rebirth of the messiah.  But what is the messiah but a concept and a symbol itself – of rebirth and transcendence over death?

It’s no coincidence that the holy-days of Easter and Passover take place in the spring – a time of renewal and liberation.  Out of the dead leaves that carpet the earth springs new life, miraculously unfolding.  Yet we seem to be in danger of destroying the very ecosystem that enables this harmonious cycle to repeat itself through the seasons.

There’s a positive aspect to this crisis, as I see it: it has the power to unite people, and to wake us up to our common humanity.  Only by working together can we transcend the differences that divide us and threaten our existence.

May this image make a small contribution toward the rebirth of our planet – and our human awareness.

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Wishing you a good week,

D Yael Bernhard

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