The People Could Fly


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The People Could Fly

The People Could Fly


In honor of MLK’s birthday, this week I present an image of liberation from slavery.  This illustration for “The People Could Fly” was commissioned by Core Knowledge, a publisher of educational materials that primarily serves schools.  I’ve illustrated for several educational publishers who have assigned me historical chapter openings, units in textbooks, booklets, easy readers, and other educational materials.  The work moves fast, and my multicultural style is a good fit.

You may have heard of “The People Could Fly” before.  Leo & Diane Dillon illustrated a beautiful picture book version thirty years ago.   It’s a classic folktale of the slaves of pre-Civil War America.  Tall tales abounded of “darkies” who magically escaped the bitter oppression that enslaved them.  In this case, wings unfolded to uplift those who were most brutally beaten.  For the slaves of the southern colonies, stories of faith and rescue struck a deep chord – and give rise to some vivid images, even today.

Order The People Could Fly as a POSTER this week, and get a free greeting card (of the same image)!   $10 for the poster and card, shipping included.  It will be blank on the inside, so you can use it for any purpose.  I hope you will send the card to someone you care about.  This is my way of spreading my art around – because people who read my posts and like my art are generally people who like receiving a hand-written note in the mail (and a colorful picture).

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PRICE DROP:  Good news!  I’ve taken the plunge and bought my own printer.  As a result, I’m able to lower the cost of my posters.  8.5″x11″ posters are now just $10 (down from $12) – including shipping within the continental U.S.

Thanks for your interest in my art!  If you want to be removed from this mailing list, just let me know.  Otherwise, see you next week!

D Yael Bernhard
Author / Illustrator of
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