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Shana Tova!  This month marks the beginning of the Jewish New Year, 5772.  To celebrate, I am pleased to announce the publication of my Jewish calendar and my newest illustrated picture book:  GREEN BIBLE STORIES: Ecology Lessons from the Bible.

The WOODSTOCK JEWISH CONGREGATION 15-month calendar begins with Rosh Hashanah (at the end of this month), and goes to the end of 2012.  Fifteen paintings from my collection of Jewish-themed art are featured, including images inspired by Torah, landscape paintings from Israel, reflections on Jewish history, and more.Also known as Kehillat Lev Shalem (Congregation of a Full Heart), the WJC has graciously housed two solo exhibits of my fine art in their gallery (my current show, “Impressions of Israel” is on view until October 22nd; click here for more information) .  Many of these paintings are in the calendar, which includes both Hebrew and secular dates, Jewish and secular holidays, candle-lighting times, and the weekly parshah (Torah portion).  A portion of sales of this calendar will be donated to the WJC.  The retail price is $18.  To purchase the calendar, click here.

GREEN BIBLE STORIES, written by Tami Lehman-Wilzig, is a collection of eight engaging stories.  Tami is a talented author who writes thought-provoking stories for children, and I was honored to illustrate her new book.  Her retellings connect these classic tales from Torah to some of the most important environmental issues that young readers are facing today.  Beginning with the story of Creation, the Bible teaches us to use and respect the land, conserve natural resources, and save energy. The Bible stories of Noah, Abraham, Joshua and others are retold, and reinforced with activities that will help young readers understand how to nurture and protect the environment.  The illustration at the top of this blog, of the animals of Noah’s ark, is part of this book.   To peek inside and see more, click here.  To purchase a signed paperback copy from my website, click here.  To purchase the book in paperback from, click here.  To purchase the hardcover from the publisher, click here.  To visit the author’s website and read reviews, click here.

Finally, I am delighted to announce the opening of my new web store!  Special thanks to my son Jonah, who donated part of his summer to helping me build this store.  You can buy posters and greeting cards of my fine art, signed children’s books, and my calendar online.   Please take a few minutes to browse, and pass the link on:

Thanks to all my readers for supporting my books and artwork.  Whether you are Jewish or not, may the coming year bring you health, happiness – and lots of good books.

Durga Yael

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