Mayan Mother & Child

Maya 72dpi© Durga Yael Bernhard

Here is another illustration from A Ride on Mother’s Back.  This is the first stop in the reader’s journey around the world – and through a single day – watching how babies are carried through everyday life.  This tiny infant has been born into a farming family in Guatemala.  She is jiggled and nursed in a woven cloth tied around her mother’s warm body.  By wearing her baby, the mother’s hands are free to work, and the baby is snug and secure.

As with most of the cultures I studied for this book, some of what I discovered was amazing – such as the beautiful colored textiles that are woven all over Guatemala, each region with its own signature pattern – and some of what I found was disturbing – such as the fact that many families have nothing to eat but tortillas.  This family is fictional, but if newborn Rosha were real, she would grow up crawling on a packed dirt floor in a hut without glass windows, and smoke-blackened walls.  Yet her family, if allowed their dignity and human rights, would be intimately connected to the earth from which they wrestled their meager sustenance, and their children would grow up closely held and lovingly nurtured not only by their parents and siblings, but by the whole society that surrounds them.

My job as the illustrator was to bring alive one moment, one window on this child’s life.  I used earthy colors to evoke the mood of the hut, contrasted with the lush green Central American landscape outside.  What a beautiful place!  By the time I finished this illustration, I felt a real desire to visit Guatemala.  I hope my readers did too!

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