Love is a Verb


© Durga Yael Bernhard

From now until Mother’s Day, I’ll be posting paintings and illustrations of mothers and children, beginning with this one – the opening illustration from Love Is, my unique little “crossover book” for both children and adults.  Just 5″x7″, the book fits in a greeting card envelope and may be mailed with just two stamps.  Written as a rhyming poem, the book shows love in its most ordinary forms, with emphasis on acts of caring and kindness that children relate to.

Pictured here is Nicole, the mother of two identical twins for whom my teenage daughter has babysat for the last three years.  Nicole is not plump as shown here, but she does often wear her hair in a bun – and she does have her hands – and her lap – quite full with her two vivacious girls.  When I thought about the many acts of love, large and small, that a mother gives her children day after day, Nicole came to mind.  Even working from memory, she was a lovely model for this illustration.

The book begins:
Love is a verb
Love is a noun
Love is a word that spreads it around . . .

Spread the word!  Love Is costs just $9.95 including shipping.
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LOVE IS – a unique crossover book for all ages
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