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Living Love


Living Love

Living Love is the second version of a religious illustration I was commissioned to do almost a decade ago.  My client wanted progressive, inclusive, multi-racial art.  As an image of brotherly love, this became an experiment in what I think of as “visual physics”.  If two opposites could be brought into harmony visually, then might not the result be a metaphor for what is actually possible?  The question intrigued me enough to explore the idea further on my own time.  As an illustrator, my job is to communicate in the language of images, and that includes metaphors.  Metaphors are governed by laws, too, that make them resonate with the psyche.

At the time that I painted this, I was twenty years into studying and/or teaching West African dance and drum – a powerful art form that has influenced my work profoundly.  Thus the African brother pictured is the primal root of what emerges in his European counterpart.  Together, the roots and the leaves form a whole, growing down into the earth and up into the sky simultaneously.

I felt the harmony of these opposites could only grow naturally from individual relating.  Both brothers cradle the mind of the other; and both are affected by the other in what they put out to the world.

Listening to both points of view about the racial conflicts currently flaring in the news, it is interesting to hear the perceptions and fear on both sides, and how they affect each other.  

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D Yael Bernhard
Author / Illustrator of
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winner of the 2015 Sydney Taylor Award & National Jewish Book Award
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