Incarnation of the Sun

© Durga Yael Bernhard – Do not reproduce or copy

© Durga Yael Bernhard – Do not reproduce or copy

Incarnation of the Sun

I painted this picture over twenty years ago.  I was working almost exclusively in gouache at the time, in this case on textured grey paper which shows through in the eyes and outlines of the two faces.  I was deeply immersed in African culture at the time, and fascinated by shamanic and tribal traditions from all over the world.   I was reading Joseph Campbell while involved in the very primal activity of raising two young children.  I continually sought ways to express the parent-child relationship in my art.

In addition to being breastfed, my children received a certain physical nourishment from their father that was like the energy of the sun.  I sensed the paternal energy of the sun emanating from all men; in a healthy relationship, this passes from father to child in a way that complements the endowment of moon-energy given by mothers.

These elemental energies showed up in shamanic folktales in a way that resonated with my young artist’s and mother’s mind.  I wanted to fuse influence with experience, capturing these energies in an image, as if manifesting a psycho-physical equation.  Perhaps I succeeded, as I have received numerous strong reactions to this piece over the years.

Later, I painted a counterpart titled “Incarnation of the Moon”.  I will feature that painting next week!

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