Incarnation of the Moon


© Durga Yael Bernhard

© Durga Yael Bernhard

Incarnation of the Moon

This painting is the counterpart of last week’s image, Incarnation of the Sun.  Here is my visual embodiment of lunar energy – as feminine, earthy, and cool as last week’s image was masculine, solar, and warm.

I love exploring opposites.  Maybe it’s my long-ago studies in Jungian psychology that instilled in me an appreciation of duality.  Carl Jung drew upon the symbols of the I-Ching in his studies:  yin and yang; feminine and masculine; soothing and stimulating; receptive and aggressive; night and day.  These archetypes have fed the wellsprings of my art – and can manifest themselves as human attributes.

I associate violets with the healing energy of the moon.  There is nothing like the color violet as it occurs in nature.  Violets thrive in cool shade, and their leaves contain a slippery mucilage that cools and soothes irritated tissue.  So the woman in the painting gently gathers violet flowers and leaves to her body, offering them to those who come within her sphere.

May this image be soothing to you!

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