Ein Gedi Waterfall

Ein Gedi 72dpi© D. Yael Bernhard

Ein Gedi is a nature preserve in the Judean Desert in Israel that features the most amazing waterfalls I’ve ever seen.  It’s not that they surpass other waterfalls in height or grandeur that makes them different – it’s the fact that they issue straight from the walls of a desert ravine.  The Judean Desert is utterly dry, with towering mesas, dramatic rock formations, and not a single tree except for those that are planted and tended by humans.  Yet like a miracle from the hand of God, out of one of these rock canyons comes a torrent of water that cascades down to the Dead Sea.  Bulrushes and other plants thrive here, as well as yaelot (wild gazelle), rock hyraxes (a curious mammal that resembles a woodchuck), and other wildlife.  Here it is believed that King David himself took refuge and wrote some of the Biblical Psalms.  It is easy to see the place as a source of inspiration for our ancestors as much as it is today.

The title is a Hebrew pun: Ein (עין) in Hebrew means both “fountain”, “spring”, or “source”, and also “eye of”.  To accentuate to this pun, I placed the eye in the center of a hamsa, a hand-shaped symbol with an eye in the palm, popular in the Middle East as a token of God’s protection.

This painting is done on special hand-crafted watercolor paper that I bought several years ago.  The pebbly texture of the paper is almost like the surface of rock, and seemed appropriate for this image.

For those of you who are local, this painting is presently on view at the Woodstock Jewish Congregation’s group show titled “Other Places”.  Ein Gedi might be the most “otherly” place I’ve ever visited!  The painting measures 12″ wide, and is beautifully framed and for sale.

  under the waterfall at Ein Gedi 72dpi

Ein Gedi is officially listed as one of the most popular nature attractions in Israel. To immerse oneself in the waterfalls there is an unforgettable experience – it certainly was for me on my last visit five years ago!

This painting is also available as a poster for $10 – shipping included.  Click here and fill in the image name to order.

A good week to all!

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