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Celebration was one of my very first religious illustrations, commissioned nineteen years ago.  My assignment was to illustrate Psalm 150, which begins with the word “Halleluyah!”, or “praise God” in Hebrew.  This beautiful psalm speaks of praise for the divine with many instruments: shofar and lute, violin and drum, cymbal and drum, and according to my translation, even “husky flute” and “writhing dance”!

What is being celebrated?  None other than our connection to the divine, to the source of life, to God or the Tao or however you think of the force that makes us human and keeps the mysterious cycle of nature in continuous, changing harmony.  That force is depicted here as a living, colorful “sun”.  The celebrants are of every race and nation, and they are free.  With Passover upon us, this is the week to celebrate freedom!

I deliberately created (and titled) this image as broadly as possible, so that it would have universal appeal.  Over the years, people have interpreted it in many ways, and the image has been licensed for a broad range of purposes, including on the cover of a CD of world music for Narada Records.  I love it when people see different things in my art, and if you care to comment, your take on it is welcome too!

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Wishing you a good week, and happy Passover!


D Yael Bernhard
Author / Illustrator of
THE JEWISH EYE – 2015 / 5775 calendar of art
NEVER SAY A MEAN WORD AGAIN – A Publisher’s Weekly Starred Review;
winner of the 2015 Sydney Taylor Award & National Jewish Book Award
THE DREIDEL THAT WOULDN’T SPIN – A Toyshop Tale of Hanukkah
WHILE YOU ARE SLEEPING – A Children’s Book Council Notable Book
GREEN BIBLE STORIES FOR CHILDREN – Nat’l Green Book Festival Notable Book
A RIDE ON MOTHER’S BACK – An American Bookseller Assoc. Pick of the List
– and more!

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